Skin Tag Patch (Colours: Clear)


Skin Tag Patch (Colours: Clear)

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Covent Garden Nutraceuticals Transdermal Skin Tag Patch (28 patches per pack)

The tiny patch that painlessly removes SKIN TAGS

Skin tags are ugly, unsightly and can cause irritation, pain and discomfort. Covent Garden Nutraceuticals in conjuction with a world leading transdermal patch manufacturer developed the WORLD’S FIRST DERMAL MEDICATED PATCH to remove skin tags in just a short time. Unlike liquid formulated products, there is

NO WASTAGE with the patch or any excess liquid coming into contact with skin not affected by tags.

NO MESSY liquid application which can cause discoloration on clothing worn over the skin tags.

Fast, Easy to use.

Latest BIODERMAL technology.

Hygenic and pain free.


Free UK Delivery.

How to use:

Just place one patch daily, directly onto the Skin Tag or Tags you wish to remove, for a faster, cleaner and more effective treatment. Can be used externally anywhere on the body. Remove your ugly skin tags today using the latest dermal patch technology.


Suggested packs required:

1 small skin tag (1 pack = 28 patches)
Several skin tags (3 packs = 84 patches)


Do not apply more than 2 patches in any 24 hour period to the same skin tag.

For external use only.

Do not use if you have diabetes or circulatory failure.

Do not apply to the face, anal, genital area or mucous membranes.

Do not use for prolonged treatment after short treatment period without results, consult your doctor.

Keep out of reach of children.

Do not use on irritated skin, infected or reddened skin.



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